The ESOP Leader – What It Takes to Lead an Employee Owned Company

ESOP companies are special and unique. Employee ownership creates a culture of employees that are actively involved in the business on all levels. Employee owners can and do participate fully in every aspect of company management and growth. Engagement in this type of company is rivaled and helps ESOPs out perform other types of companies. […]

PFSbrands Core Values – Building a Positive Future

The Golden Rule, Ownership Thinking & Be Positive  Recently, I wrote about how in 2011 I sat down and with the help of my leadership team created our Mission, Vision, 5 Guiding Principles, and Core Values. I did this in order to ensure the company continues on a path consistent with my beliefs. Essentially it […]

Forbes Feature: Why ESOPs Can Be More Than an Exit Strategy

As Seen on I am passionate about providing our employees a stake in the outcome and spreading that message to other CEOs. To help spread the message further, PFSbrands was recently featured on about our newly-formed ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan). You can read the full article on! Here’s an excerpt: