Becoming an employee owner is not the same as becoming an employee.  When you become an employee owner you accept a position that can really make a difference – not only for yourself, but also for your peers, for the business, and for the community.

Employee Owned Companies

Many employee owned companies create an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) to share ownership by issuing shares of stock each year to those that are eligible to receive them. At PFSbrands we went from 0% employee owned to 100% employee owned on January 3, 2017.

I’ll be the first to admit that our ESOP at PFSbrands has helped us to attract some of the best workers in the country. Our team members are interested in being involved, they are interested in learning how business works, and they want to know how they can contribute to ongoing success.  People who have these traits, and those individuals that fit our overall culture, thrive in our fast paced environment.

A Unique Environment

Our ESOP allows us to create an environment where our people can excel, regardless of seniority or pay rate.  Each individual consistently discovers new ways that they can positively impact our results. This takes a level of commitment that is above average, and when everyone is working on this level it’s amazing what can be accomplished together.

Having a Voice

Everyone has a voice at PFSbrands.  As employee owners everyone contributes to the success of our company.  We welcome ideas and comments – how we can make things better, more efficient, and more profitable.  When tasked with responsibility employee owners consistently find ways to improve in their areas.  I’ve never believed in motivating people. I’ve always felt the real key is to hire motivated people and then put them in an environment where they can excel. Engaged employee owners are fun to work with and they will go the extra mile for their customers as well as their peers.  Very few companies provide the benefit of an ESOP and PFSbrands is proud to be 100% employee owned. It’s not just a job… it’s a future.