Frank Burcham Eulogy 9-11-19

To all of our guests: Elaine, Michele and I, and our families, thank you for being here. A business mentor of mine said this about life: “In the end, what matters most in life are the depth of the relationships with friends and family, and the sheer number of people you’ve helped along the way. […]

What is Culture?

What is Culture to Your Organization? At PFSbrands we conduct NPS surveys anonymously with our employee owners. We do this NPS survey twice per year and we ask our employee owners two very simple questions: “On a scale from 0 to 10 how likely are you to recommend PFSbrands as a place to work?” and […]

PFSbrands Core Values – Value Your Customers and First Impressions

Value Your Customers and First Impressions Today as we continue our discussion of the PFSbrands Core Values, I will cover a Core Value that can lead to a happy life, whatever that might look like to you. I’m a strong proponent of the fact that everyone should find the right structure and balance when it […]

Or So It Seems

A Good Vessel In Which To Sail Most of you that know me well realize the respect that I have for my father.  I was fortunate to grow up in a loving family unit and I am fortunate to have my father and mother with me today.  Because of dad’s upbringing, and probably in large […]