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This writing may seem a little “off topic” to many of you.  It is not necessarily along the lines of business, but it certainly falls under the “culture” umbrella.  Given the tragic events of this past week in Dallas, I felt it was fitting to share.

Empowering Policeman

As a young boy I remember riding in the car with my father and listening to Paul Harvey.  As I began driving myself, I would still stop on a radio station to listen to Paul Harvey anytime his broadcast was on.  Those of you that are old enough (I remember when I was young enough not to say that) to remember Paul Harvey, realize that he had an uncanny ability to connect with his audience.  His unique narrative captured millions of listeners over his very long career.  At his peak he had as many as 24 million listeners.  He’s known in history today as one of the best radio commentators.  He spent his entire life delivering conservative commentary on current events.

Last week, 5 of our finest men in uniform were gunned down in Dallas.  The families of these brave police officers will be affected forever because of the senseless actions of a coward.

I felt it was fitting to share one of Paul Harvey’s radio broadcasts.  Keep in mind that this was recorded in 1970, nearly 27 years ago.  However, as you listen to his commentary, it could easily be assumed that Paul Harvey is talking to us today.  The brave men and women that put on a police uniform risk their lives EVERY day.  Harvey had a way of injecting humor into even the most serious topics.  One of my favorite lines from this commentary is:  “they have to make instant decisions which would require months for a lawyer to make” (sorry to all my legal friends).

In Their Shoes

Our officers in uniform MUST be EMPOWERED to make decisions and given understanding when things occasionally go wrong.   Every day they go to work they put their own lives at risk to serve and protect our citizens.  I ask everyone to consider the following situation:

Someone has a gun aimed at your son or daughter.  You have a gun aimed at the assailant.  You ask the assailant to drop the gun and there is no response.  Do you want to wait for the assailant to fire their weapon before taking action on your own?  Most of you are likely going to react in a manner to protect your family.

Restrictions are consistently “handcuffing” officers from protecting the innocent.  Further, officers are becoming more scrutinized more due to actions from the small percentage of the profession that may not be suited for this line of work.  I am 100% confident that the majority of the American population are law abiding citizens.  These law abiding citizens want police officers to be EMPOWERED to protect them.

Here is Paul Harvey’s commentary after an officer was killed in the line of duty in 1970:

Paul Harvey usually ended his broadcast with:  “And now you know the rest of the story.  Good Day.” 

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