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CEO | Speaker | Bestselling Author | Founder of PFSbrands and GRITT Business Coaching

Whether you’re a business owner, a C-level executive, or a middle manager, the reality is you’re going to reach a point where you’re just plain stuck. You know you want to be more efficient, have more fun, make more money, and have less stress. You know you want to be more successful. You work hard, but nobody gets it. Most importantly, you want to scale, but you just don’t know how to get there. If anyone knows how you feel, it’s Shawn Burcham. He had a lot of failures along the way but he never gave up. Find out how those setbacks became his raw material for tremendous success.

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Keeping Score with GRITT:
Straight Talk Strategies for Success

You can have the most skilled team on the planet, but if they don’t know the score of the game you’re never going to win consistently. To solve this all-too-common problem, Shawn Burcham created a tried-and-true business model that delivers consistent results. It allows businesses to scale with success while maintaining a people-centric approach. The results? His business went from a humble start-up in his garage to $70MM in sales and nineteen straight years of double-digit growth (and still growing). And now he’s sharing exactly how he did it with the world.

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Keeping Score With Grit - Featured ForbesBooks Author and Amazon #1 Bestseller
Shawn Burcham PFSbrands


When Shawn made the decision in 1998 to take a major risk by quitting his job and building a business from the ground floor, he never dreamed it would have grown to 1,300 locations across 39 states and became 100% employee-owned. Realizing the need was great for small to medium size businesses to achieve the same success, in 2018 Shawn assembled some of the best and brightest corporate minds to launch GRITT Business Coaching, designed to help everyone from middle management to CEOs take their performance to the next level by creating greater employee engagement, building a better company culture, creating better strategies, and having fun while being a results oriented company.

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