Coffee, Chicken, and the First 20 Years

20 Years Went By Fast Wow, 20 years went by fast. It’s hard to believe Pro Food Systems was started as a coffee/cappuccino company on July 13, 1998. Not only was the coffee black, but my hair was too! My wife Julie and I had our first of three daughters just three months earlier in […]

What is Culture?

What is Culture to Your Organization? At PFSbrands we conduct NPS surveys anonymously with our employee owners. We do this NPS survey twice per year and we ask our employee owners two very simple questions: “On a scale from 0 to 10 how likely are you to recommend PFSbrands as a place to work?” and […]

PFSbrands Core Values – Open Communication and Opportunity

Open Communication and Opportunity As we wrap up our look at the PFSbrands Core Values, we finish with a Core Value that all great companies have in common and that is Open Communication. Then we look at the Core Value that every single one of our employee-owners should be excited for and that is ‘Everyone […]

PFSbrands Core Values – Entitlements Do Not Exist

Entitlements Do Not Exist Next up in our look at the PFSbrands Core Values is one Core Value I stress the most – Entitlements Do Not Exist. In today’s society, due in large part to our government, there are many people that feel entitled to things they haven’t worked for nor earned. In business, a […]

PFSbrands Core Values – Have Fun

Do you know what your company stands for?  When I started Pro Food Systems in 1998, I had a vision of the company I wanted to build. However, in 1998 I really didn’t know what I didn’t know. In 2011, after nearly 12 years in business, Mark Gandy (now a great friend, mentor, and advisor) […]