The Mentality of Ownership Thinking

Helping your employees develop an ownership mentality benefits them and the organization as a whole. Ownership thinking means taking accountability for the quality and success of the outcome of your work. A culture of accountability, where employees are able to make decisions and are encouraged to take ownership is a powerful characteristic of a successful […]

When Your Team Members Are Employee Owners

Becoming an employee owner is not the same as becoming an employee.  When you become an employee owner you accept a position that can really make a difference – not only for yourself, but also for your peers, for the business, and for the community.

Communication in Open-Book Management

Businesses exist to produce profits. More importantly, businesses exist to generate cash flow. Without cash flow, businesses fail. When businesses fail, people lose their jobs and the company obviously has no ability to create new jobs. I’m not sure why more leaders don’t communicate and teach the importance of cash flow.