The Foodservice Business Secret Ingredient?

Want business success? Just add a dash of PEPPER! Make sense? It might not right now but below you will see the “PEPPER” strategy that our company PFSbrands uses to execute any foodservice business strategy we put into place! Give it a read and try it with your own company.

PEPPER – It all starts with “People”


Find committed operators/owners/franchisees that will fully support fresh food, work to hire the right people, put their people in the right places, and commit to learning from those who know what it takes to be successful. Before you can focus on anything else, you must first find the right WHO and then do WHAT it takes to become successful in the competitive foodservice environment.  First WHO, then WHAT.


The right equipment in any foodservice environment is critical.  In the fresh chicken business it is essential to have an automatic lift fryer and an automatic sifting breading table.  If you are holding fried chicken products for display, it is critical that you have a hot case with bottom heat and ceramic top heaters without water and without moving air.


The right products take years to develop. Products must be high quality and consistent.


Standard Operation Procedures (SOP) for daily, weekly, monthly, and annual tasks must be in place.


Pre-opening planning, project management and on-going training are essential. Regular store visits from Business Advisors is critical to ensure any foodservice program is executed properly.


If you are going to be successful with any foodservice brand across multiple locations you must partner with a company that has the following:

  • Field Staff – Business Advisors that consult, coach, and train
  • Field Staff – Business Developers that grow the brand
  • A Marketing Department dedicated to helping operators grow sales (at PFSbrands we also have our own internal Print Shop)
  • An internal Customer Success Department to help support any day-to-day questions
  • An Equipment Division that supports all equipment needs.
  • A Store Design/Layout Division that can assist with various store challenges.
  • A Technology Department that stays ahead of the curve on trends that can drive additional sales and improve operations.


It all starts with people! It’s cliché but you have to get the right people on the bus and in the right seats in order to execute any solid business strategy. Once you have the people you need in place, the Processes and Execution will all fall into place if you have the right foodservice partner helping to support your success.

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