Our commitment level at PFSbrands is different from other companies. Our employee owners have daily exposure to expectations that require them to not just survive but to THRIVE during hard times as well as good times. We are employee owned, are well versed in open communication, and take ownership-thinking very seriously. So how does a leader motivate in this type of environment?

Here are a few tips that are integrated in our culture at PFSbrands:

1. Rally Together

Our team creates a THEME that helps us set our goals and focus on upcoming quarterly goals. Every team sets action items that they commit to finishing every month; and every individual employee owner sets action items that they commit to as well. We believe in extreme focus on accomplishing our company goals together as a team. Just like in sports, we must rally together with a focus on winning in order to be successful!

2. Understand the Big Picture

In an open book management company the big picture is communicated regularly. Our meetings focus around our critical numbers and we all have ownership in them. It is important to communicate regularly and as employee owners we all take ownership on how we are doing as a company. Our future is in our hands, we just have to take the steps to get to the next level.

3. Tools & Training

We believe it is important to give employee owners what they need to succeed. Forward thinking is vital to a growing company. We want our employee owners to stay one step ahead of our competition. We focus on providing the tools needed to accomplish our goals and keep growing as a company. Sometimes it’s hard to see what’s on the horizon, but we encourage our team to keep looking onward and upward, no slowing down.

4. Goal Setting

We believe firmly in setting goals, and most importantly, writing them down. If you don’t set goals and work to improve you’ll likely be the exact same person 12 months from now. This allows you to see something in the future and break it down into chunks to achieve it. YOU forecast where you’re going and how you’ll get there. Goals should be specific and measurable – think BIG. We encourage personal goals as well as business goals at PFSbrands. Our core purpose is to help others become more successful in work & in life.

Motivation can be different for everyone; however, at PFSbrands we believe in giving you the tools you need to be successful, standing behind you to help you reach your goals, and working together – hand in hand – to make our company the best.