It’s no secret that entrepreneurs and business leaders get pulled in many different directions and deal with a ton of stress. As a dedicated leader, I end up putting a lot of additional pressure on myself to ensure I make the right business decisions for my immediate family and for my corporate family. Over time, all that stress and pressure can compound, and before you know it you start to feel the effects of burnout.

To avoid burnout, I’ve learned how to make time for family vacations, as well as individual vacations with my wife, Julie. I’ve made it a point to coach each of my daughters in at least one sport, I rarely miss a family event, and I’m always around for family events each holiday. This is an area that is extremely difficult for me because of the passion and enjoyment I get out of work, but extremely necessary to continue to be the kind of husband and father I want to be…and to avoid burnout.

One of the most important things you can do as a CEO is to emphasize the importance of a work-life balance – not only for yourself, but for your employees. This is why I actively encourage my team to focus on their personal lives and be sure to spend time with their families, especially in taking a summer vacation. With the kids out of school and the weather just about perfect, there’s no better time to recharge your batteries and avoid burnout.

At PFSbrands one of our Core Values, Structure & Balance, lists work as on of four priorities: God, family, work and everything else. Work-life balance is different for each individual and it changes throughout each person’s life. I realize everyone has a life outside of our company. I also realize that people who manage their personal lives successfully are more productive when they are at work. At PFSbrands, we offer extra ‘paid time off (PTO)’ to allow individuals the opportunity to add these days to vacation time.

Taking a family summer vacation to avoid burnout isn’t just about a specific block of time, it’s a mindset; a lifestyle. To help create a better balance for my own family, I’ve sacrificed a lot of personal activities in order to make time for them. I don’t hunt or fish, so that’s never drawn me away from family time. I’ve elected not to play golf much, instead opting to use that time to spend with family. In reality, most of my time outside of work is spent creating memories with my family. Because of my work ethic and the success that has come along as a result of it, I’ve been able to offer some unique experiences for my family. These experiences and memories are far more rewarding than material things.

So as summer approaches, encourage your employees to avoid burnout and take a vacation with their loved ones. After all, work can wait. The memories can’t.