Contagious work ethic. What does that mean?

As a kid, my father taught me at an early age everything I needed to know about work ethic. Before baseball practice one day he said, “Show up before everyone else, work harder than everyone else, be coachable, and stay later than everyone else.” He didn’t just “talk the talk,” he led by example every day with a contagious work ethic. So when people talk about my personal work ethic, whether they mean it as a compliment or criticism, I always take it as a compliment.

To me, work ethic, job performance, and overall success are closely related, so to receive such a compliment is a highlight in any day. Hard work and work ethic makes players great. I want to be a great player in the game of business. With dedication and lots of hard work, I hope to always possess a contagious work ethic. I believe my work ethic is a result of my dedication to building integrity and honing the self-discipline learned from my father.

Contagious, strong, and honest

Integrity not only plays a role in succeeding at work but it is also a key attribute in establishing a solid work ethic. As a leader, being honest and straightforward will encourage others to do the same. It’s easy to take pride in the work that you do when you are representing a company with which you share a moral foundation. In practice, integrity will produce honor and reliability. This strong moral character leads to contagious behavior. It starts with leaders and will eventually encompass the entire organization.

Contagious, motivated, and determined

I don’t believe you can stay focused enough to work hard and work smart without self-discipline. Working hard or working smart is the key to maintaining a strong work ethic. Focus and persistence is required if you want to have the necessary discipline to reach your goals. Working hard becomes a habit that will keep you on track and make you a valuable leader, employee, or teammate. Good habits radiate from within an organization. Setting expectations high will ultimately help others to be more successful.

Our core purpose at PFSbrands is “To help others become more successful in work and in life”.  I focus on this daily and try to lead by example with my work ethic and dedication.

What are you doing to promote a contagious work ethic? Do you take pride in the steps you’ve taken to get to where you are today? Are you pushing yourself to go the extra mile, reach a little higher—become contagious?

You don’t have to be smarter than other people or more skilled than other people to become successful. Develop a contagious work ethic and a positive attitude in your daily life and you’ll be astounded with the things you will accomplish.  Be a contagious leader!