Your Assessment Results!

Way to go! Your company is almost ready to become an ESOP!

According to your answers, your company is almost ready to transition into an ESOP. Shawn Burcham and his highly qualified team of industry experts at GRITT Business Coaching can help you get over the final hill and prepare your company to take the next steps toward an ESOP, and a more successful business. In fact, a 2000 Rutgers study found that ESOP companies grow 2.3% to 2.4% faster after setting up their ESOP than would have been expected without it.

It’s not only a new strategy implemented in business, but it’s a new way of thinking about business. Increased productivity, increased sales, ownership thinking, and record growth are just a few of the soon-to-be realized byproducts of moving toward an ESOP.

Call today and set up your first consultation. During your first appointment, we’ll discuss your current needs and positioning to create a blueprint for lasting success!